"We, 马萨诸塞牙科协会的成员, declare ourselves a Society to cultivate the science and art of dentistry, and all its collateral branches; to elevate and sustain the professional character of dentists, 透过所有媒介促进牙齿健康, and to protect the public interest in dental matters; and have adopted for our government the following Constitution and 规章制度." - - - - - - MDS宪法 & 规章制度


The MDS 的代表 elects the following MDS Officer positions:

  • Vice President—This position will serve a two-year term and is elected at the 的代表 every odd year. (This is followed by a two- term as President and a two-year term as Immediate Past President)
  • Secretary—This position will serve a two-year term and is elected at the 的代表 every odd year.
  • Speaker of the House—This position will serve a two-year term and is elected at the 的代表 every even year.
  • Treasurer—This position will serve a two-year term and is elected at the 的代表 every even year.

Candidates interested in running for one of the above positions should, by 9月30日 把他或她的简历寄给每个地区秘书, along with a letter of nomination from his or her District Executive Committee (typically written by the District Secretary) endorsing the individual's candidacy. Candidates running for the position of Vice President will also need a position paper explaining why you feel you are a good candidate for the position and outlining your vision for the future of the MDS.

Nominations materials should also be sent to the MDS Secretary, 马萨诸塞州牙科协会, 2柳树街, 200套房, Southborough, MA 01745.

If you have any interest in running for an MDS Officer position, contact 科琳追逐、高级经理、治理和董事会关系.



MDS总裁的口信. 汉龙MaryJane:


On behalf of the 马萨诸塞州牙科协会 (MDS) Board of Trustees, I want to take a moment to reflect on our country’s grief over the horrific events that occurred last week in Atlanta. 这8条生命的丧失是无法容忍的. At a time when we have all experienced so much loss over the past year and began to hope that change was indeed coming, this unspeakable tragedy serves as a reminder that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have faced an increased risk of violent attacks every time they have left their homes since March 2020.

作为你们的总统, I recognize that I write this from a place of privilege and that I have not walked in others' shoes. 知道我的同事, 朋友, and students experience hate and discrimination directed toward them simply because of the color of their skin and their treasured ancestries. 在MDS, 365电竞平台不仅需要成员的多样性, 也体现在365电竞平台的价值观中, 365电竞平台的观点, 和365电竞平台的经历. 365电竞平台需要一起学习,相互学习. I encourage everyone to spend some time reflecting on how we can collectively do better to make everyone feel welcome, 受人尊敬的, ,听到. The MDS does not tolerate discrimination, of any kind, period.

作为美国牙科协会主席. 丹尼尔·J. 克莱米德森最近在给会员的一封电子邮件中写道, “I remind everyone that we are trusted health care professionals who should first strive to be compassionate citizens and good neighbors. 365电竞平台应该以体面和尊重的态度对待所有人. That we should denounce every act of violence and incivility that sows division in our nation.“在马萨诸塞州,365电竞平台也必须这样做. 

To our AAPI members and colleagues—please know that our hearts are with you. 你将永远得到MDS的支持. If you are experiencing discrimination or have suggestions on how to move these conversations forward, 请联系我或者MDS协会的成员, 股本, 及包容专责小组.


MDS总裁Dr. 詹尼斯·B. 莫里亚蒂和医学博士当选. 汉龙MaryJane: 


作为一种职业和组织, we sometimes shy away from societal conversations happening around us. 当牙医, we are often viewed as community leaders due to our frequent interaction with local residents. The recent death of George Floyd and the ensuing peaceful protests across the country and here in Massachusetts have shown that silence on the topic of racial justice only allows the status quo to continue. 在这个问题上需要各界的领导, 包括牙科, if we as a society are going to achieve the change that we need. 

The 马萨诸塞州牙科协会 (MDS) stands with members of our communities, 包括牙医和病人, 谁在日常生活中面临不公正和种族主义. Unfortunately, racism continues to be pervasive throughout all levels of society. Social media posts and thoughts and prayers alone will not solve these problems. 365电竞平台必须站起来行动起来.

这个日期, the MDS admits that it has not done enough within our own organization and profession to ensure diversity and inclusivity. 这种失败不会被忽视, 这就是为什么今天, we are announcing a task force to develop a robust policy in this area and to assist with ongoing conversations with members regarding equity and racial justice. 工作组将负责:

  • Developing a diversity and inclusion policy for the MDS and for 地区牙科社会
  • Planning and coordinating conversations around race and social justice for members
  • Pursuing opportunities for diversity and inclusion training for MDS and District leaders

引用ADA主席Dr. 乍得Gehani:

“This is the moment to unravel from whatever personal biases we may harbor. 成为盟友. 进行艰难的对话. 去倾听久违的声音. 为那些被剥夺选举权的人大声疾呼. 致力于同情和理解. 成为变革的力量. 成为和谐的代理人. 当365电竞平台看到错误的时候,就大声说出来. 在力所能及的时候做正确的事.”

We hope wounds from past injustices can be healed and change can prevent future pain.





Learn more about the charges and responsibilities of each Task Force.