The 马萨诸塞州牙科协会 (MDS) is a professional association dedicated to improving the oral health of the public and the professional development of its membership through initiatives in education, advocacy, 并促进最高的专业标准. 为了实现这些目标, 医学博士从事政治365电竞平台, access to care, 各种communications-including出版物, website, and social networking—and produces an annual dental conference in Boston. The MDS delivers continuing education onsite and throughout the Commonwealth. It also includes a Foundation focused on improving access to care for the underserved in Massachusetts.


  • 健康和牙科保险
  • 慷慨的带薪假期
  • 401 (k)的利润分享计划
  • 学费援助
  • 灵活支出帐户


The 平面设计师 brings our brand to life visually and keeps it consistent across all our various touchpoints. They must be a team player capable of building strong relationships with the other members of the team to execute all of the organization’s design needs.

  • 与团队成员合作制作所有365电竞平台册, publications, presentations, signage, event collateral and any other projects that require graphic design and layout
  • Help bring new ideas for design and content creation to the team using your expertise and eye for great design
  • Illustrates concepts by designing rough layout of art and copy adhering to arrangement, size, 字体大小和样式, 以及相关的美学概念.
  • 审查最终的布局,并提出必要的改进建议
  • 将员工建议的更改合并到最终设计中
  • 与外部供应商协调(e.g., printers or contractors) on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality final product and that deadlines are met
  • 对新的软件或设计工具进行研究
  • 发展独特的视觉交流方式
  • 管理严格的时间表,以满足所有项目的紧迫期限
  • BS or BA degree
  • 2年以上专业设计经验
  • 优秀的语言和沟通能力
  • Proficient in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and MS office Suite
  • 积极主动,自我激励和高度的组织能力
  • 能够独立工作并作为一个团队工作
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities in a fast paced environment with enthusiasm
  • 客户服务方式
  • Articulate in speech; communicates in a clear, fact-based and enthusiastic manner
  • Able to communicate detailed results in the context of the situation both verbally and in writing
  • 具备在公共场合有效沟通的能力, 包括媒体和公共政策环境
  • Writes clearly, concisely and correctly when presenting findings in reports and correspondence

Job Type: Full-time


We are seeking a Marketing Coordinator who will be responsible for coordinating projects and activities for marketing 洋基牙国会 continuing education programs.

  • 通过获取方式管理邮件列表, maintaining, and updating prospective attendee database and pulling mailing lists for mail house /email use
  • 管理和维护所有的社交媒体推广活动, 包括Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • Manage the production of all 洋基牙国会’s printed materials, 包括但不限于《扬基队计划手册, Advance Planner, 和现场指导
  • Manipulate content from in-house database, write, update and proofread copy
  • Coordinate placement of advertising in Society, District, and national publications
  • 创建营销抵押品
  • Maintain content for the Yankee website and assist with content for the MDS site
  • 管理扬基移动应用程序的供应商和内容
  • 协调标识的制作和现场物流
  • 管理与邮件公司和印刷公司的关系
  • Answer customer service phone calls and online chats during peak periods
  • 为每个扬基人制作365电竞平台册和报告
  • Assist with detailed analysis of Yankee in order to make decisions for future 洋基牙国会es
  • 与Yankee展览团队合作进行所有的数字营销
  • BS or BA degree, plus 1-3 years experience in a professional marketing environment
  • 注重细节
  • 较强的写作、校对和编辑能力
  • 优秀的语言和沟通能力
  • 熟练使用Word, Excel, Salesforce和HTML的个人电脑技能
  • 积极主动,自我激励,高度的组织能力
  • 能够在团队中独立工作
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment with enthusiasm
  • 客户服务方式


The Salesforce数据库管理员 will be responsible for overseeing Nimble and Salesforce contract relationships and deliverables as well as the development and oversight of Nimble/Salesforce staff training and organizational protocols therein. This position will have Salesforce Administrative responsibilities and permissions and will also be responsible for analyzing our membership data to support programming decisions and assess membership trends.

  • 管理Salesforce的用户许可证、角色和权限
  • Manage all basic Salesforce administrative functions including end user support, 帐户维护, 报告和仪表板, workflows, 自定义对象, 和其他日常任务
  • 管理Salesforce成员参与门户网站
  • Complete regular internal system audits and check release readiness.
  • Work closely with business leadership and other key stakeholders in the design, configuration, 以及Salesforce实例的构建
  • 与Salesforce合作管理关系.com and related third-party vendors in order to manage/negotiate costs and ensure a consistently high level of service
  • 根据需要确定和执行Salesforce培训
  • Proactively provide analysis to MDS senior staff on our Membership and Sales data to support programming decisions and assess membership trends

  • 独立主动,有学习和解决问题的愿望
  • 1-2年的销售团队管理经验
  • 本科或同等学历
  • 有数据管理经验,注重细节
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work across the organization, 包括高级
  • Highly organized, motivated, and creative with multi-tasking capabilities
  • 能举起20磅
  • Articulate in speech; communicates in a clear, fact-based, and enthusiastic manner
  • Writes clearly, concisely, and correctly when presenting findings in reports and correspondence
  • Able to communicate detailed results in the context of the situation verbally and in writing
  • 一定要能看懂读懂纸上的文件, 在电脑显示器, 和/或在手持移动设备
  • Must be able to hear the spoken word (either naturally or assisted) in person, by telephone, 和/或通过视频会议
  • Must maintain a valid driver’s license and be willing and able to meetings as required
  • Ability and willingness to travel by common air carrier to out-of-state meetings and/ or training as may be required several times each year
  • Ability to attend some overnight travel for in-state meetings and/or training that may be required
  • Salesforce Admin 201认证
  • 熟练使用MS Office办公软件
  • 经验丰富的小道的起点用户
  • 协会的经验